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2 bed & breakfast, a restaurant in Lucca, Tuscany
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A dream holiday in the heart of Lucca


Pretty room including its own private restroom; the Tuscan terracotta tiles floor emphasizes the character of this room. The furniture is realized by local …


Wide suite with balcony and relaxing view on the internal gardens.
The floor is realized with ancient Tuscan tiles and the room is wide …


Elegant and bright suite with an amazing view on the golden mosaic of San Frediano medieval church.
The floor is made with oak parquet …


Double room with the view on Via Fillungo, old town’s main street.
Characterized by pink color, this pretty room with wooden floor is relaxing …


Room n. 5 – Suite Nontiscordardimé (Forget-me-not Suite).
Wonderful suite framed by two big and antique windows (completely refurbished) that gives to the room …